The world is our track

From snowy asphalt to desert sands, see how we've been taking on the challenges of rally racing for decades.

International rallies

Michelin has been competing in the World Rally Championship for 40 years, winning over 260 individual events and 44 world titles.

In the Dakar Rally – notorious for how hard it is on competitors and their vehicles and tires, our tires have taken the crown in the car, motorcycle and truck categories.

These rallies force us to hone our tires for extreme conditions - lessons we bring back to the street in your car's tires.

MICHELIN'S rally titles

World Rally Championship

21 Drivers' titles 23 Manufacturers' titles

Dakar Rally

30 wins in the motorcycle category and 16 wins in the car category

What gives us our edge?

Bringing multiple performances together with innovative technologies to deliver the total performance all drivers need – that’s MICHELIN® Total Performance™.