Why do tires matter?

Tires are usually taken for granted,
until the road puts them to the test.

It's the tires that stop the car.

When it comes to safety, tires are one of the most important components of your vehicle.

Your brakes stop the wheels from turning, but it’s the grip of the tires that actually brings your car to a stop.

Let's take a closer look.

Here, rubber meets the road:

The only thing holding your car to the road is an area on the tires that’s the size of a hand.

And this is where it all happens:
braking, acceleration, traction, handling, steering, comfort.
Even the most powerful car won’t grip the road without the right tires.

You took time to choose your car.
Taking time to choose your tires is just as important.

We can all recall stressful situations where our tires made the difference:
Think of that bike that came from nowhere.

That driver in front of you suddenly braking.
That dog crossing the street.

That difficult ride in a snowstorm.
Your safety does not just depend on the way you or others are driving.

It depends equally on your choice of tires.
For your peace of mind (and your family’s), take the time to choose well!

But how do I choose the right tire?



All in one

Thanks to MICHELIN® Total Performance™, you can be assured that you get all of these in each of our tires.

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