Michelin Pilot MXM4


    Pilot® MXM4®

    Luxury Performance Touring, Passenger Car/Minivan

  • All-season

Providing all-season sport handling and a quiet, comfortable ride, this tire is original equipment on vehicles such as the Cadillac CTS, Acura TL and Mercedes C-Class.

Why should you consider this tire?

  • Feel Every Curve

    Feel Every Curve. 1

    European-handling profile with rounder shoulder keeps you in tune with every corner and enables you to push your vehicle to the edge of its performance capabilities. 1

  • Enjoy a Quiet, Comfortable Ride

  • 80,000 KM Limited Warranty for H-/V-Rated Sizes. 60,000 KM Limited Warranty for W-Rated Sizes

  • Total Performance

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  • User reviews

    4.1 / 5 based on 40 reviews
    92% of respondents would recommend this to a friend

    Great tyres there's no substitute for these

    5 / 5
    By qthagg from - Acura - All-Season

    These came as OE tyres on my Volvo s40 and are the OE tyres on my Acura ILX. They are a bit noisy and the ones I had on the volvo had to be replaced after 50,000 kms with some tread remaining on them. The tread may chip off on rough roads and one needs to be a bit gentle on rough surfaces. On the plus side, the tyres offer excellent dry and wet weather traction and these tires are addictive in a sense they make a distinct 'michelin sound'. There's the trademark performance tyre whistle at high speed on concrete roads and a reassuring 'kerplunk' sound as one travels over expansion joints. The sidewalls are extremely well built.

    Very happy

    5 / 5
    By bhuli from Canada

    Very happy with these tires. Stock on 2012 Charger - replacing them @ 130,000 km - because winter is coming - probably could get another 10,000 k. no issues re: handling rain etc even now in their curent condition. Will be putting the Pilot back on .

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