Total PerformanceTM

Why choose us? Because you get everything you need, in every tire.

MICHELIN® Total Performance™ is our way of doing things by thinking of all your needs in advance.

We know you expect a lot from your tires. Actually, you want everything from them.

Deep understanding

Material expertise

With so much care going into your tires, you won’t have to be back here too soon...

Because choosing tires that last longer saves you time and money. Isn’t that what we all expect from a great value purchase? Moreover, when you’re confident that all your needs are covered, you can have peace of mind and just enjoy your drive.

What is MICHELIN® Total Performance™?

With the confidence that all your needs are covered, you can have peace of mind and just enjoy your drive.

More on MICHELIN® Total Performance™

What Innovation brings you

MICHELIN® Total Performance™ is the result of our 125-year obsession with improving mobility. We take our findings from our global research centre and from the toughest lab ever – motorsports – and apply it to your day-to-day tire. Find out how we can create a tire that covers all your needs in one.

We care and act for a sustainable future

Tire characteristics such as fuel saving, longevity and quiet ride are key for everyone’s future. That is why we have been creating green tires even before any standards were in place and why our worldwide technology centre continually investigates new approaches in sustainability.

About us

We are a global company founded in 1880 providing tires in over 170 countries. We make tires locally for your specific needs and road conditions in one of our 69 production facilities. Our 114,000 employees are committed to making safe and relevant tires for you. We are leaders in innovation and sustainable development for the mobility of people and goods.

Buying tires is simple

Remember: tires matter

In everyday conditions, most tires perform well. It's in difficult situations that great tires make all the difference. For ultimate peace of mind on the road, choose tires that can handle anything.


Michelin covers all your needs

MICHELIN® Total Performance™ makes sure all your needs are covered.

We know about good value

Because a number of our tires are long lasting and fuel efficient, you get more for your money and you save in the long run.

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