Safety is our guiding principle at Michelin

When signs of spring begin to appear coast to coast, Michelin Canada holds an annual Spring Safety Event, helping to remind drivers that it's time to switch out winter tires for tires that can adapt to the season. Some drivers don’t give a second thought to the state of their all-season or summer tires. Worse, some even decide to keep their winter tires on. With temperatures steadily above 7°C, winter tires decline in grip and control, requiring a much greater distance to come to a complete stop compared to all-season or summer tires. And the lack of traction and control only gets worse as temperatures rise.

Likewise, Michelin holds an annual Winter Safety Event to remind drivers of best practices behind the wheel as the temperature drops and the advantages to outfitting their car - and their driving toolbox - appropriately for the season.

Michelin Junior Bike

Michelin Junior Bike is coming to the Halifax Oval
on Saturday, September 20th, 1 to 4 pm!

In 2014, Michelin marks 45 years of operations in Nova Scotia and to celebrate is hosting Michelin Junior Bike, a fun and free event for children ages five to 11. Michelin Junior Bike raises awareness around helmet and bike safety, and will feature bike stunt demos, Discovery Centre activities, the Bubble bike, and Michelin’s Safety Town for kids! All participants receive a free bike helmet and a chance to win one of four $350 bike gift certificates. Visit our facebook page or website for more info!