Winter DrivingTake the Wheel
with Carl

Time for a refresher on how to stay safe on the roads this winter! Michelin driving expert and professional race car driver Carl Nadeau shares some of his best tips.


What’s the best way to stop in an emergency and just how much distance should you give yourself? Carl explains!

Emergency Stopping

Pumping the brakes is not the answer! These are the special braking techniques you should use.


Being prepared gives you the confidence to enjoy winter driving. Check out these six tips before hitting the road.

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It’s easy to underestimate the importance of being properly positioned while driving. Do you have the right position?

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There’s the right time to brake and the wrong time to brake. Let Carl teach you the difference between the two.

Preparing To Turn

Slowing down before a turn and gently releasing the brake before turning is key.
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Braking While Turning

If you have no choice but to brake while turning, here’s how to handle your vehicle.


Carl shows you why smooth, steady steering is always the right combination for winter driving

Avoiding Obstacles

See how precise and deliberate manoeuvres can help avoid obstacles or a collision.


One of the most important winter driving techniques according to Carl? Steering your vehicle out of a spin or slide.

Controlled Sliding

Watch how to master any slippery situation by steering the wheel in the opposite direction of the spin.

Always Stay Safe

How do you stay safe on winter roads?
By being prepared, using the right driving position and staying calm.

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