From track to street

From the track....

Michelin has had a winning presence on the racetrack for over 125 years with partners like Porsche, BMW and Audi. In fact, some of our engineers are more present there than at Michelin!

...the proving grounds...

It’s not just that we love racing. It’s also that many innovations are discovered and tested there – in the most extreme conditions.

Le Mans: “...unless you are really pushing at the limit, you don't know where the limit is, so you don't develop. ”

- Allan McNish, driver for the Audi-Michelin team

Endurance racing:

Rally racing: your daily drive.

These innovations are passed on to your tires, to give you a winning experience on every trip. Our Competition and Technology Centre teams work hand-in-hand. They speak the same language; they share the same passion; what’s more, they share what they learned as soon as a race is completed.
We race to win. But we also race to learn. And give you even better tires. The proof is in the pudding... or rather, in our tires.